Dam Crew

Delaney Ison

Head Dam Fam
Delaney has been an employee of Dam-Site Marina longer than any other crew member.  She is in charge and will let you know it!  If you need anything just let her know!
Lane is currently 10. He has decided this year he wanted to be apart of Dam Fam. Everyone gives him a hard time out of love, so join in. You will find him ringing up... Read More

John Mcbroome

Dam Senior Dock Hand
This is John's 4th  year working at Damsite Marina. John likes to act goofy, but it is all an act. He is very smart. John attends Arkansas State University and is studying mechanical engineering. In... Read More

Nathan Weaver

Dam Dock Hand
This is Nathan's first year, but he has work on the Little Red River before coming to the dam dock. If you have any questions about the river, Nathan is your man. He also believes... Read More

Aydia Hammond

Dam Senior Girl
Aydia has worked here for 3 years now. She attends the University of Cental Arkansas and is an honor student. She is studying to become an eye doctor. If you can wait 7 more years,... Read More

Corbin Jones

Dam Dock Hand
This is Corbin's 2nd year on the dock. He loves baseball, family, and his hair! Corbin is 6'3, the tallest on the dock. Corbin might pick on you but can pick on him right back.
This is Annalyse's first year, but she is young and loves it. You might see her around year after year. She is very smart and might be Heber's next valedictorian. She likes hunting, fishing, and... Read More

Andrew Fleming

Dam Dock Hand
This is Andrew's first year on the dock. He normally spends his summer in Alaska. He is a runner & track star at Heber Springs High. He likes Rihanna and her song "Love on the... Read More

Gavin Widner

Dam Dock Hand
This is Gavins first year on the dock, He obviously catches feeling before he catches boats.Gavin attends Heber High and is on the baseball and bowling team.  Gavin is very bubbly and loves his car.... Read More

Parker Weitzer

Dam Senior Dock Hand
This is Parker's 2nd year on the dock. He has lived all over the USA, ask him about! Parker is very bubbly and loves to help anyone with a smile on their face. He enjoys... Read More

Evan Johnson

Dam Dock Hand
This is Evan first year at DSM. He just graduated from Quitman High School. He is attending OSU in the fall. He is our dam pilot and will be studying aviation engineering. He loves his... Read More

Logan Lozeau

Dam Dock Hand
This is Logan's first year on the dock. He attends Heber Springs High School. He plays baseball and is the pitcher for the Heber Panthers. He is our perfect pitcher! He enjoys hanging with friends... Read More