Dam Crew

Delaney Ison

Head Dam Fam
Delaney has been an employee of Dam-Site Marina longer than any other crew member.  She is in charge and will let you know it!  If you need anything just let her know!

Abbi McBroome

Dam Fam member
Abbi is the fastest girl inside, always running to opportunities and quick with the phones. She loves working on the lake with her Dam Fam.

Bryce Smith

Dam Fam member
The man, the myth, the legend, Bryce Smith is the longest current working dock hand here at Dam-Site Marina. Bryce has recently graduated with his Finance degree at the University of Central Arkansas. Bryce loves... Read More

Logan Weitzer

Dam Dock Hand
Logan is from Argyle, Texas. He has fallen in love with one of the Dam Girls. This will be his 3rd summer working at the marina. He has recently graduated from the University of Arkansas... Read More

Zach Thomas

Dam Dock Hand
Zach is on the come up, he has been working at the marina since he was a freshman at Heber Springs High. Zach is very professional and will always answer your questions with a smile.... Read More

Matthew Cook

Dam Dock Hand
Matthew has been working at Damsite Marina for 3 years now. He graduated from Heber High this year. He plans on attending college in the fall. Matthew has the straightest whitest teeth on the dock.... Read More

Dalton Yancey

Dam Dock Hand
This is Dalton's first year and he is the YOUNGEST dock hand this year. Dalton is a student at Heber High. He plays football and soccer. If you need any gas or ice, Dalton will... Read More

Fate Berry

Dam Dock Hand
Fate has been working at the marina for 3 years now. He is attending Arkansas State University. He definitely has the best knowledge about the Little Red River. You could call him a "River Rat."... Read More
Lane is currently 10. He has decided this year he wanted to be apart of Dam Fam. Everyone gives him a hard time out of love, so join in. You will find him ringing up... Read More

Kenan Sneed

Dam Dock Hand
This is Kenan's first year at the marina. He is currently a student at Heber High. He is a big family man, and loves hunting hogs with his dad. If you have the need for... Read More

Julio Rubio

Dam Dock Hand
This is Julio's first year at the marina. He is quite until you get to know him. He is bilingual, speaking Spanish and English. If you need anything translated, Julio is your guy. Julio is... Read More

John Mcbroome

Dam Dock Hand
This is John's 2nd year working at Damsite Marina. He currently dating a Dam Girl. John is a student at Heber High School. John likes to act goofy, but it is all an act. He... Read More